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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you travel outside of Western North Carolina?

Yes! We can travel anywhere for events! Outside of Asheville, a travel fee will be included in all price quotes. We LOVE traveling and checking out new venues!!

What do you need to set up?

It's very simple! We provide our own bar. We need access to an outlet and a flat surface with about 8' by 8' of space to accommodate our set up and baristas. We also provide compostable cups and lids at every event!

Do you offer vegan options?

Absolutely! All of our syrups are vegan. We also provide vegan milk alternatives at every event. Almond and Oat milk are our standard milk alternatives - but we will accommodate special requests!

Do you provide non-coffee options?

Yes! Every event includes hot tea (black, green and herbal) and hot cocoa. For the coffee lovers that can't do caffeine, decaf espresso is available at every event. Add-on options include Chai, Matcha, Cold Brew and Drip Coffee.

How does pricing work?

We base all of our price quotes on guest count, location and hours of service. Our event pricing starts at just $450. All events require a minimum of two hours of service. Larger events may require added service time.

Do you charge for travel?

Yes, we include travel charges in our price quote!

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